About Catholic Homeschool Network

We reimagine education so children feel a sense of success by discovering their strengths, and passions to serve the world.


The need is urgent. The need is real. The path is rewarding but not easy.

What began as an answer to the call to provide a virtual Catholic Homeschool conference in 2020, where over 9000+ Catholic homeschool families from over 20+ countries, providing over 65 expert Catholic speakers and dozens of Catholic businesses and ministries, resulted in the largest gathering of Catholic Homeschool families ever!

We mentor and teach Catholic Homeschool families how to customize, and tailor their children’s education by providing a step-by-step clear path that results in children who love to learn.

The Catholic Homeschool Network, Community, Events, and Directory has become the trusted and cherished place for everything you need to homeschool your children, from finding support, to finding and planning the BEST curriculum that fits your family, all while supporting you in prayer, and love.


Paola Ciskanik


I bring my love of my faith, marriage, family and my grateful heart! I bring to my 25 years of home education experience that is truly family-tested to this community!

I also bring the vast knowledge I gained from founding and running Emmanuel Books, the trusted source for 20+ years, where I personally researched and sought the very best books/resources for families…Always through a Catholic lens, always with realistic goals in mind to bring mom inner peace!


Maureen Wittmann


More importantly, I’m a wife, mom, and grandmother. I just graduated my youngest child and now I get to spend all my time helping other parents homeschool their own children, including my son and daughter who are homeschooling their children.

Homeschooling for my family was so much more than a mode of education. It was a way of life. A joy-filled life.

I’m grateful to the homeschool moms who supported me in my journey and to God for blessing me in so many ways. I am also the Co-Director of Homeschool Connections.

Walter Crawford


I am a husband and father of six children, and with my wife, Emily, we have been homeschooling “since the beginning” (for 14 years), with one daughter

currently in college. Raising three boys and three girls within a large family (in a life that can sometimes be “beautifully chaotic”), creating a faith-filled home with learning and love is Walter’s passion for his family.

Motivated to make homeschooling easier and affordable—while not sacrificing a quality, faith-filled education—I am passionate about online education and extremely appreciative of my wife, Emily, whose daily sacrifice as a homeschooling mother makes me value the sacrifices each and every mom and dad make towards the education of their own children.

I am also the Co-Director of HomeschoolConnections